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Individuals Counseling

Make positive changes in your life! Why wait?
If you are having trouble with your relationships, work life, anxiety or depression, individual therapy is likely to be very helpful. Often, I encounter people who have gotten very far in life, but sometimes this success is at a cost to themselves or to their relationships. Other times, I find people underperforming in their jobs or in relationships that are unhealthy. All these folks are surviving, but not thriving. As children, we all make the best decisions possible relative to our environment and the very best way to take care of ourselves at the time. We tend to overuse these decisions as adults. Together, we can free up your options so that you feel better, achieve your goals, and have the connected and loving relationships you want. I’ll talk with you about your needs and goals, and together, we will create a plan for the changes you want to make.
My clients often look back at the changes they have made for themselves, and feel pleased with their progress. They enjoy the ease with which they advocate for themselves, the greater intimacy they experience in their relationships, and the successful ways they are managing stressful situations. You are just one step away from making your life pretty darn good. Why wait? You can reach me at 919-604-7401 and leave me a message, send me an email to, or click here to request a call from me. I look forward to hearing how I can help you with the changes you want to make!

Dr. Lucille Keenan | Licensed Psychologist
Phone(919) 604-7401
Address: 1330 St. Mary’s Street, Suite A020 | Raleigh, NC 27605