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Couples Counseling

I provide Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), an empirically based, highly effective form of therapy that focuses on the emotional and attachment needs that we ALL have. At the heart of EFT is the belief that human beings are wired for security and attachment. We long to know we are both loved and secure in that love. The extent that we feel safe to turn to our partner to express a need or ask for support and our partner is there for us, the better our relationships is. When these two parts are not present, the couple can be in a great deal of distress. Where does your relationship stand? Are you  stuck in negative defensive cycles of blame, silence, and arguing where each of you ends up feeling unsuccessful in their love and alone. Do you have your full energy available for your loved ones and for your professional life. Are you merely surviving, rather than thriving?

Benefits of EFT Couples Therapy
~In research studies, 90% of couples report improvement
~At follow up assessment, 70-72% of couples reported recovering from distress
~EFT is a shorter-term therapy and has been found to show continued relationship improvement after the therapy ends
~EFT is effective with both men and women and is now being utilized in many of the nation’s veteran’s administrations

Even couples where one partner has only one toe of their ten toes in the relationship can find happiness and deep connection. When we are securely connected to our partner we are better parents and caregivers and we are 7 times more effective at work.

But the Cost – This is Expensive!
People need good couple’s therapy. A large body of research and my own clinical experience show that Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is most effective for helping couples succeed. The couples I see find it more cost effective to see me and learn how to connect in midst of stress, rather than give up their relationship, which has severe emotional and financial consequences. If children are involved, divorce creates  a life-long complicated relationship; though now the relationship is one in which each partner ironically finds they have less control over their own lives and less control over their children’s lives, certainly not what they hoped for.

What the Couples I See Often Say…
The couples I see often say thank you. We would have been divorced if not for the work we did with you. Our relationship is much better. We are friends again. We are closer than we have ever been, even closer than in the beginning when we weren’t even fighting. We have more and better sex than we have had in years. We can lie in bed and just hold each other and feel connected. I never thought I could forgive him/her and I have. We are even better than before he/she did (x). We are setting a better example for our children…we hug and kiss and they see us make up after we argue. Funny, our children even get along better and their anxiety is down. The tension that used to lurk in our house just isn’t there.

Through our work together, you and your partner can find a sense of secure, loving connection and the loving passion you have missing. You can feel good being together, and each of you can have more energy to focus on accomplishing your goals with the full support of your partner. Choose to thrive, rather than survive and call Dr. Lucille Keenan (Lucy) at: (919) 604-7401

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