What would you do with $700,500,000?
I really love my job. In North Carolina and across the United States we recently had the $1.5 billion lottery. Of course, I bought a couple of tickets. $20 worth to be exact. I fantasized about what I would do with $1.5 billion, or $700,500,000 after you pay the taxes. I thought about maybe renovating the basement, buying a flat in Paris, a beach house, maybe a new car, and maybe a house in the mountains. I wondered what charities I could donate to.
What I didn’t think about was not working! Even if I had $750 million of take-home money, I would still want to do what I do. I love helping couples come together, feel more secure with each other, find that spark…that love…that deep connection. I would do my job even if I were a $750 million millionaire. I feel extraordinarily lucky that I was able to afford the training for emotionally focused therapy for couples, I feel lucky for my own relationship and for all the couples that I do help. I also feel extraordinarily blessed that I have a job that brings me meaning, fulfillment, and the sense that I’m doing something worthwhile with my life.

Welcome to the Unfurling

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“It’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be,

and already are, but don’t know how to be.” – Heath L. Buckmaster  Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to approach this blog. It’s an opportunity for me to explore ideas and topics in a way that is both less formal and more personal than a professional journal or clinical setting. It’s also a way to share my experiences and process as I continue my own journey of self-reflection and growth.

As  you’ve probably gathered from the quotes on my site and my areas of expertise, I like nothing better than helping people uncover, discover, and learn to celebrate the best of themselves. I call this process unfurling. I believe in this process so strongly (it is intrinsic to my personal process and to my professional experience) that I designed my logo around it. Like the fern pictured above, we are all we ever need to be, ready to fully unfurl and show ourselves to the world. We can be tightly bound, curled inside ourselves, protecting ourselves because of ways we were treated in the past or experiences we have had. We operate out of old patterns and coping mechanisms that probably saved our lives, but are no longer useful.

When unfurling, it takes great courage to ask for help and look at the causes of our pain. Most of us can’t do it alone. In fact, I would argue that it’s vitally important that we share our process with someone we can trust; someone who is committed to helping us become who we are meant to be without judgement or censorship; someone who is not invested in us being one way or another, someone who is only invested in us being more of who we truly are. In environments of deeply felt safety we can change, rapidly and effortlessly, through experiencing our emotions fully and reworking our early decisions. Given conditions of true safety, we all have an innate self-righting mechanism. In fertile soil, we are always growing towards the light and always unfurling.

In my practice, I am honored to facilitate, and awestruck as I behold, this process unfold in all its many and astonishing ways. That is why I became a psychologist, and why I continue to study and work with the best in my field. Won’t you join me?

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