What would you do with $700,500,000?
I really love my job. In North Carolina and across the United States we recently had the $1.5 billion lottery. Of course, I bought a couple of tickets. $20 worth to be exact. I fantasized about what I would do with $1.5 billion, or $700,500,000 after you pay the taxes. I thought about maybe renovating the basement, buying a flat in Paris, a beach house, maybe a new car, and maybe a house in the mountains. I wondered what charities I could donate to.
What I didn’t think about was not working! Even if I had $750 million of take-home money, I would still want to do what I do. I love helping couples come together, feel more secure with each other, find that spark…that love…that deep connection. I would do my job even if I were a $750 million millionaire. I feel extraordinarily lucky that I was able to afford the training for emotionally focused therapy for couples, I feel lucky for my own relationship and for all the couples that I do help. I also feel extraordinarily blessed that I have a job that brings me meaning, fulfillment, and the sense that I’m doing something worthwhile with my life.

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